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Let Your Voice Sing

“Rebecca is fantastic,

I’m not sure what I expected but she worked out what I wanted and helped make it happen. Can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Billy Blunden

Rebecca is fantastic,

I’m not sure what I expected but she worked out what I wanted and
helped make it happen. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”
– Billy Blunden

I love extremes…
so my favourite singers to work with are:-

Pro Singers

Solidify your technique
Know how to care for your voice
Experience vocal freedom and longevity
Extend your range
Add new colours to your voice
Understand and master belt/mix etc.
Post rehab voice support
Project support such as, album recordings, tour
prep, Creativity mentoring
Drop in Voice MOTs

My very favourite people to work with are performers, who are adding singing to their skillset.
Dancers and actors I love working with you.

Shy Singers

You deserve to sing,
You are able to join a choir, a musical society etc
You can sing karaoke – sober


Were told you couldn’t sing when you were younger?

Do youthink that you really can’t sing?

Maybe you feel a bit silly even thinking about having singing lessons.

You deserve to feel the joy of a free voice.

These singer talk about their journey to let their voice sing.

Artist mentoring

Unblocking a “stuck” upper register

Conquering extreme singing shyness

Get In Touch To Let Your Voice Sing Now

Hi, I ‘m Rebecca…

I’ve been teaching singing for over 15 years.

I’ve taught international mega stars, West End leads and assisted singers (and “new singers) get into top colleges.

I’ve taken hundreds of singers from fearful and believing they can’t sing to loving their voices.

I’m highly trained and qualified in loads of different approaches.

I know about vocal anatomy, acoustics, and post reahabilition voice care.

I’m very interested in mindset and healing, I’m a qualified NLP, Timeline Therapy (TM) and Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Level 3 Counsellor.

  • I have been an actress/singer/writer for over twenty-five years.

I started as an actress (London and touring) so I am very into authentic performances.

I sang in Plays, Musicals, Cabaret shows,Jazz combos and Rock/Pop cover bands.

My most recent show, Baby Brained the Musical is a one woman show about Post Natal Depression that I was in the middle of an Arts Council Funded Tour of when Covid hit. For more information about Baby Brained CLICK HERE

I have established over 6 choirs and currently run/ Musical Direct Cantare Choir – For more information CLICK HERE

Stuff I Teach Includes:

Breathing – lots of different approaches
Different voice qualities – including belt, mix
Mic technique
Acting through song
Confidence building
Post injury voice care
My approach is – minimal effort to get max flexibility, healthily.
I specialise in contemporary (mic) styles and Musical Theatre.

I also deliver coaching, relating to singing and life issues.
Qualified Practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy (TM) and Hypnotherapy

“Lessons with Rebecca do so much more than help to improve singing

as she is able to draw from her own talents and experience to focus on broader performance and building the confidence of her students. For me, the recorded lesson warm up and exercises to fine tune certain elements were like gold dust! More than that, without her support and guidance I would NEVER have auditioned a second time for my dream part ‘Paulette’ in Legally Blonde – I got that part and the show recently won the regional Noda Award for best performance! Nothing like an underdog success story.” Rebecca Lydon

How DoWe Work Together To Let Your Voice Sing?

Singing Lessons

All singers attend a drop-in first lesson where I assess where you are currently with your singing.  We also discuss your goals and lifestyle.

I create a plan for  us to work together to smash your singing goals and transform  your life..

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Group Classes or Subscription Service

Vocal Explorers’ Membership – This monthly subscription group meets least twice a month on Zoom (all recorded if you miss the session).
Private Facebook Group.
Extra sharing sessions.

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Coaching & Lessons

I’m a qualified Master Practitioner in NLP and a very experienced coach.

This is a unique opportunity to benefit from my training in NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

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