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Everyone can sing but perhaps you’re feeling stuck.

You know you could do more, if you just knew how!

Maybe you want to

  • Feel more confident when singing.
  • Deal with vocal problems that you are having , perhaps recovering from a period of vocal (or other) fatigue.
  • Develop your voice or try new cool stuff – Belting, mixing, extending your range, all of the usual singing technique things.
  • Learn how to care for your voice and avoid fatigue.
  • Emotionally connect the songs you sing and/or with your audience.

Or maybe you don’t feel you’re allowed to call yourself a singer at all.

I can help

Together we will

  • Unblock the barriers in your body and mind to free your voice.
  • Grow your understanding of your voice
  • Build a relationship between you, your voice and your confidence.
  • You will better understand breathing,
  • You may choose to add lots of new colours to your voice – belt, mix, twang, legit, the list goes on, or you may choose to
  • Embrace the voice that is most easily yours.

If you want to you will

  • Perform solo for the first time.
  • Join a choir, join a band, join an operatic/amateur dramatic society.
  • Write your own music.
  • Get those solos.
  • Sing forever.

You only get one go at this life, take your right to joy and embrace your voice.

There are three ways to work with me:-

3 different links for this – Join the group, attend group classes and or one to one classes with me, sign up for the VIP project work with me where together we build your dreams.

Then links to who I work with. I love work ing with beginners and professionals because these are the people who it matters to the most. My very favourite are performers who want to add singing to their professional skill set. Examples of work I’ve done

Claire – increasing her colour palate, opening her up to new ideas of how she can sing and what her voice is capable of. – Video

Abi – supporting her in her artistic growth, mentoring, linking her with other support, coaching and mentoring

Kirk – voice recovery after being seen at hospital.

Sana and Libby – terrified new singers who now get joy from their voices

James –

Rachel – getting her past her problems in her upper range.

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