Bespoke workshops are available for any group who want to improve any aspects of their singing, schools to dramatic societies to Universities.

Examples of available workshops include:-

Singing for the Terrified
If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sing but are scared you are not good enough, this series of workshops teaching vocal technique through singing songs will bring out the vocalist within you.
Sing Together
Learn new songs and maybe some old favourites, but most of all, sing your heart out and have fun in the process.
Things Every Singer Should Know
This short workshop will teach you a few technical things that will immediately make your voice stronger and easier to control.
You will learn the following:

  • Never to scratch your voice
  • How to sing in different styles
  • What is the correct way to stand
  • Only use effort when it is useful
  • To not worry about breathing again
  • How to make your voice stronger
  • How to work with stage nerves
  • Increase stage presence easily and immediately
Song Interpretation
Work with Rebecca on making any song communicate clearly and effectively. Rebecca will ask you the key questions to guide you through interpreting a song easily and thus you will be able to inhabit it fully.

Singing Teacher, near Birmingham, Worcestershire, UK