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The morning after the weekend before

The weekend is finally over.  It feels like I’ve not stopped.

Do you have anything you’d like to say about the concert?  Is there someone you want to compliment?  Was there something you thought worked really well or perhaps something you thought I should do differently next time.  I know what I think but please let me know.

I would love to hear your comments.

(So proud of all of the performers!)


The Night Before the Morning After

It’s the night before the concert and I feel a bit like nothing more can go wrong. Still I dare not allow myself to think that as, obviously there is loads that could go wrong.

Went to the theatre yesterday, to have a look around and my first instinct was how gorgeous the venue is.  It’s lovely, lovely, lovely.  Still there were a couple of problems.  Between myself and the lovely, (popular word today), Jonathan we couldn’t work out how to turn on stage lights or find any jack inputs on the stage.  Lots of jack inputs in the sound booth but that’s not much use for plugging in the keyboard, could stick the keyboard player in the booth at the back but that’s not great for on-stage communication.

So left in a tizzy about that but have someone coming in to help tomorrow.  I hope it’s a language barrier that explains why he hasn’t heard of a jack input or a DI box and not that he has no idea what he’s doing.

My choir were a bit evil today.  Sure I was being stressed and playing the song at double the speed it’s meant to be but still they should be able to cope without breathing!  I tried to explain that I was stressed but they didn’t seem to think that counted as a good reason.

So tomorrow still lots to do, got to buy raffle prizes, pack the car, get back up copies for all the music that is being sung, bla bla, could go on forever but won’t.  Trying to stop my brain making lists and just look forward to it. Particularly looking forward to handing over my phone to Matt to field all calls, like I am a proper important person, and seeing some special Brighton people.

(Really don’t believe anyone will read this so can write anything I like.  Better not though.)

Fingers crossed that Peter the technie knows what he’s doing; the students all know their words; the lights go on on stage; we have enough seats; I don’t lose my rag with someone asking stupid questions; Amy doesn’t vomit all over the stage; Katya goes on at all, Katya doesn’t decide she likes the teenagers so much she wants to move to Shropshire; we make enough money to break even on costs; I can get my baby bump into my dress; I don’t cry too much during the concert.  The list goes on and on and ariston, (and I was trying to avoid making lists), and I can’t even cross my fingers till I stop the typing.

So I’d better sign off my first proper blog and cross my fingers for tomorrow.  See you tomorrow, I’ll be the person who is either hinding in the toilet saying “I’m not here, leave me alone” or shouting in the middle of the stage telling people what to do.

First Posting!


I welcome myself to the world or bloggers and thus have to find something to write about.

Well at the moment I have to get my choir ready for Music for Youth with very few practices left and the concert on 7 March.  The concert!  Argh.  Need a PA, need a personal assistant too, need a new brain and anything else anyone may feel like offering.  Baby is eating my brains womb first.